Neues Samsung Display (Englisch)

Samsung Electronics recently announced the development of a new revolutionary TFT LCD Driver IC (Integrated Circuit). The new device features one of the first industrially built microchips with the ability to produce 260K real color color. At the same time, it maintains a small form factor design. The energy saving features along with the color quality make it ideal for wireless multimedia applications.

Samsung’s 260k Color TFT IC has a 132 x 176 pixels RGB resolution. Its features a 418 Kbit graphic memory that facilitates efficient, high-speed video imaging for VOD (Video On Demand), video conferencing, and other related visual wireless services. In addition, its low voltage requirements of 1.8 Volts expands its power saving capabilities, resulting in longer battery life, which is critical for today’s mobile applications.

According to the Korean manufacturer, the 260k TFT LCD IC is targeted to reach mass production levels in March 2003, in order to meet the demands for color screens in the global mobile market.

Quelle: Mobile-Burn

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