Kevin James as Doug Heffernan

Hi all of you,
here’s a little movie lasting about 5 minutes and containing the most beautiful photos of Doug. Most of them are quite funny and sometimes you have to concentrate on two, three sequences which are going to follow. In the background you are able to listen to music, three different songs. You all know at least the second one: the Margy Song.
Enjoy it!


4 thoughts on “Kevin James as Doug Heffernan”

  1. I see, you’re all deeply interested in this sequence. Nobody wants to comment on it or write any intelligent sentences?
    I preferred to talk in English because there does not exist any topic like this one and the mother tongue of “The King of Queens” is, as probably everyone knows, ENGLISH. So why don’t we have a try?
    :notsure: 🙂

  2. okay let’s give it a try 😎 …to honor kevin and the greatest sitcom ever :drinks: i think you did a pretty good job with this video. have you taken the pics on your own or have you found them in the internet?
    p.s.: this thread WILL survive!!

  3. naja, in den comments bei youtube steht ja auch schon ne menge. finde auch, dass die musik nicht so passt… und slideshow videos find ich eh nciht ansprechend. aber wenn das echt von dir ist, dann respekt für die arbeit, die du reingesteckt hast.

  4. sorry sorry, it was not my work, i only found this little movie when doing research about the koq in the internet. but i’m very glad about these answers added by you two, because i alredy thought, nobody is going to comment on this site. thx a lot:D

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